Private Medical Insurance

All employees can join the Private Medical Scheme. The scheme provides cover, with no excess and previous medical history disregarded, for employees and their families.

Permanent Health Insurance

Subject to insurer acceptance, if an employee has ongoing long term health issues after 52 weeks’ absence because of sickness or injury the scheme provides for the continuation of a proportion of employee salary and pension contributions.

Critical Illness Cover

All permanent employees are automatically enrolled into the critical illness scheme and the cost is met by the Company. The cover provides a tax free lump sum at twice the level of your salary (capped at £100K) in the event of a qualifying critical illness. Partners / spouses are also covered to half the employee’s benefit, to a maximum of £50K.

Life Cover

Payment in the event of death during employment of a tax free lump sum of 10X gross annual salary.

Sick Pay Arrangements

For the first 6 months of employee absence the gross salary is maintained in full, along with all other benefits of employment. For the second 6 months, pay is maintained at 2/3rds of salary, along with other benefits based on salary.

Health Screening

Permanent employees can attend a health screen once every two years, the cost of which is met in full by the Company.

Retirement Benefits

We provide a non-contributory money purchase pension arrangement. 10% of salary is contributed on a monthly basis by the Company, increasing to 12.5% after 5 years and 15% after 10 years’ service.

Holiday Entitlement

An annual allowance of between 25 and 30 days is provided based on length of service in addition to bank holidays. The holiday allowance is pro rata for part time employees.

Sharesave Option Scheme

Employees are invited to save a set amount between £5 and £250 per month for 3 years. Savings can be used to purchase shares in SJP at a discounted price set at the time of the invitation.

Share Incentive

Employees can purchase shares from pre-tax salary on a one off annual basis. As an approved scheme certain tax advantages are available if the shares are held for at least 3 years.

Salary and Bonus Sacrifice Arrangements

Employees can elect to sacrifice a proportion of gross salary or discretionary bonus in exchange for a contribution to their pension, which the company will enhance by 10%.

Discretionary Bonus Scheme

Different bonus schemes are in place dependent on role and grade, and may reflect personal and company performance. Any amounts payable are non-contractual and non-pensionable.

Company Car Scheme (subject to grade)

We provide a competitive company car scheme with free private fuel, or alternatively a non-pensionable cash allowance.

Cirencester Car Parking

Car parking is provided for all employees on site, or is fully reimbursed if no space onsite is available.

Maternity and Paternity Benefits

We provide enhanced maternity and paternity benefits.

Childcare Vouchers

All employees can apply for childcare vouchers. The cost is deducted from gross pay, and is tax and NI free, helping to reduce the cost of childcare.

Employee Assistance Programme

We provide access to a fully confidential employee assistance scheme, which can provide phone and face to face counselling. It also provides advice and support on a wide range of issues, including legal and financial.

Eyesight Testing

We meet in full the cost of eyesight testing for all regular users of display screen equipment. If you are prescribed glasses for VDU use, the Company will the fund the cost up to £150.

Local Discounts

A number of Cirencester businesses provide SJP employees with discounts. Check out the long list of where to save.

Professional Subscriptions

The Company will pay the annual subscription for any one professional organisation of which you are a member, provided it is relevant to your role.


All employees can have two approved paid days a year to volunteer in their communities. This can be through activities organised by the Company CSR team, or it can put towards volunteering activity outside of the Company.